Title: Mace Fox: Masonry Ink

Author: SH Richardson 

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

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Mace Fox

Masonry Ink is my establishment.

I’m the owner, operator, and the HMFIC. 

To some, it’s just a tattoo shop. 

To others, it’s a place for hope when you’re disillusioned by the system. 

Everything was copacetic until she walked through my door—a real tough chick carrying an adorable baby girl, going through a hard time. I should’ve sent her away with a handful of cash and a good luck pat on the shoulder, but I didn’t. Now, she is all I can think about, maybe even more than the taste for blood. 

I waited nine years to commit a murder. 

He deserves to die screaming for taking away my little sister…and he will.  

Giving in to my feelings is not an option. There has to be a final reckoning, no matter the cost to my heart.  

True Boardman

I escaped a prison of torture carrying a secret in my belly.

Getting away turned out to be harder than I thought, until the sexy owner of a small-town tattoo shop offered to help. Mace Fox is unlike any man I’ve ever met. Brash and unapologetically masculine, he is the alpha dog I’ve been searching for my entire life. 

I was only meant to stay for a short while to gather my strength until I moved on with my newborn. That was before Masonry Ink showed me what it means to have a family and that home is more than a place to lay your head. It is the touch of a man whose strength takes away all the pain. Whose commitment to protect the ones he loves matches my own. Whose promises are more than just empty words. 

The harbinger of my suffering threatens to take that all away. 

He won’t stop until he’s destroyed me.  

That’s the thing about running—it’s a race you’re never supposed to win.  


SH Richardson is a USA Today Best-Selling Author of contemporary, new adult, and romantic suspense. She lives in Virginia Beach with her two children, four dogs, and one super supportive husband who rides a Harley. She enjoys travelling, reading, and cooking delicious meals for her family.










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