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The Nightshade Guild: Chapter Three – The year the Guild was lost in time.

The time scythe is gone and with it the mages of the Nightshade Guild. Scattered through the ages, the mages will have to use their wits and powers to survive the time period they were sent to and find their way home. With the mages gone, who will protect the world?
After the destruction of the time scythe that sent the Nightshade Guild back in time, mages Arion and Jemma find themselves wandering Hollywood in the year 1977. Joined by Jemma’s partner, Niam, and her familiar Prim, this magical foursome must find a way to travel through time once more to return to the present day. When the elfin princess Ameria visits the group via astral projection, the thirteen-year-old has a message that simply cannot wait. No longer the adorable toddler they once protected from certain death, her highness has reached out from the year 2033 with a critical mission for the mages. Now Jemma, Arion, Prim and Niam must find two shards of the time scythe, a ley, and a magical object that will boost their power enough to propel them into the future all while ensuring that they do not change the course of that future while they are stuck in the past.

Rocking Time is Book 1 of The Nightshade Guild Chapter Three.

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