Title: Making The Grade

Series:  Clean Slate

Author: Tamrin Banks 

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

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Leslie Michaels:
I love my job. Really…I do. But sometimes I just need to take a break and relax. That’s how I end up in a bar on the weekend with my bestie only to have a rude man accost me, acting like he knows me and asking me to dance with him. I shot him down. I’m not interested in what he’s offering. Even though he’s gorgeous and makes my heart flutter like butterflies are dancing in my chest.
I think that’s the end of it. Until the following Monday morning.
Rowdy Anderson:
I hit on my son’s new teacher. We moved here for a new start after my divorce. It was a quiet night and my ex in-laws were in town to see my son so I was just trying to let off a little steam.
Which led to me thinking that the most beautiful woman in the bar. I actually thought that my cousin, the fire chief, fixed us up. Turns out it was someone else.
After apologizing repeatedly, I ask her out but there’s a school policy that staff can’t date parents. So we hang out whenever we can with my cousin and her best friend. I’ve never had so much fun and my son is thriving in our new town.
There’s only one problem. I want the one thing I can’t have. Leslie’s heart.

With the New Year comes hope for a better one. A clean slate, if you will, to leave the past behind and start fresh. For these characters, that’s exactly what they intend to do. They’re not running away; they’re running toward something new.



Tamrin Banks is the pen name for an author who writes short, sexy stories that are full of growly alpha men and their sometimes-snarky sweethearts. This curvy author lives in northeast Ohio with her husband and soulmate and has three children. She loves Reese’s peanut butter cups, tacos of all kinds and too many crafts to mention.


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