S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E R-E-L-E-A-S-E!!

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Next up is Never Been Kissed which is the second book in my Sealed With a Kiss Series! Here is everything you need to know about the Sealed With a Kiss Series!

⭐⭐Kissable (Book 1)⭐⭐

By KL Ramsey

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Dean Chantelle wanted his best friend’s wife—there he said it. He wasn’t proud of the fact and he would never tell his best friend about his feelings—ever. Case Richards was like a brother to him. They had known each other since grade school—almost as long as they had known Rylee. She blew into their lives in high school and knocked them both on their asses, but Case ultimately got the girl.

Rylee broke Case’s heart when they all went away to college, telling him that she needed to see the world and have her freedom, and Dean was right there by his buddy’s side trying to help him through it. He convinced Case to take a road trip with him, to see Rylee and hopefully get the two of them back together, but his friend chickened out at the last minute and left him standing on Rylee’s doorstep. That was the night he betrayed his best friend, finally making the girl he’d always wanted his. He had his one perfect night with her and Case would never need to find out because if he did, it would destroy their friendship. But more than that, it would destroy Case and Rylee’s marriage and Dean wouldn’t let that happen.

Kissable is the first book of the Sealed With a Kiss Series by K.L. Ramsey.

⭐⭐Never Been Kissed (Book 2)⭐⭐

By KL Ramsey

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AJ Jackson’s latest assignment was turning out to be more trouble than she might be worth but giving up now wasn’t an option. He was sent in by the FBI to find Nadia Hunt and that was exactly what he planned to do. He didn’t plan on finding a woman being held against her will by her drug lord brother. He needed a change of plans and if that had to include Nadia’s love interest from back home, Zeb Wilson, he’d do it to keep her safe.

Getting Nadia out of her brother’s compound was a two-man job and apparently, so was loving her. With both men unwilling to walk away from Nadia, they must learn to work together to keep her, even if it means sharing her. AJ just never planned on falling for his assignment or becoming part of a committed threesome, but in his line of work, he has learned to never say never.

Never Been Kissed is the second book in the Sealed with a Kiss Series by K.L. Ramsey. This is an MFM book.

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