Wild Wisteria by Maddie Taylor is refreshed and ready to read now!!



When Wisteria Turner catches the eye of the last available Jackson brother, she’s running from the law. Alone in a strange town, she has no intention of trusting anyone as she searches for a solution to her predicament, especially a good-looking, smooth-talking cowboy. But Luke is determined to give her the help she needs, even if it means taking her in hand to get her attention. Once Wisteria realizes she can rely on the chivalrous rancher, it isn’t long before he’s sweeping her off her feet. As quickly as passion blossoms between them, a misunderstanding tears them apart. Before Luke can stop her, Wisteria is on the run again.

After a seemingly endless string of hardships, Wisteria is in trouble again. Exhausted and defeated, circumstances force her to return to Luke Jackson’s hometown. But she carries with her a secret she has hidden from him since their one impetuous night. Never one to back down from a challenge, once the truth comes out, he is hell-bent to set them on the right path. Whether she likes it or not, Wisteria’s running days are over. He’ll be watching out for her now. Can Luke convince her he’s strong enough to protect everything she holds dear? And, that his firm hand and loving guidance are what she needs to tame her wild streak and finally put down roots, with him, in the forever home, she’s always wanted.

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