Marshal’s Law by Maddie Taylor is revised, re-covered, all new and available now!!

If you love a stern & sexy lawman, grab this one now on the platform of your choice.


Rendered unconscious when her car careens off a slippery road, Janelle Prescott wakes in a jail cell straight out of an Old West movie set. Confused, hurt, and alone, she’s at a loss to explain what happened. When she meets ruggedly handsome Aaron Jackson, who wears a vintage six-shooter holstered on his hip and a tin star pinned to his vest, her suspicions are confirmed. Somehow she has traveled back in time to 1878 and has no idea how to find her way home again.

To survive this alternate reality, Janelle’s only hope is to accept the marshal’s generous offer to care for her while she recovers, but from the very beginning, she’s a fish out of water in this rustic, frontier town. Staying with Aaron is hard enough without the conveniences of her modern life, but her independent streak and 21st-century behavior aren’t always what he deems ladylike. The stringent rules of the day are difficult to adjust to, but something about Aaron’s old-fashioned charm and his stunning good looks are too much for Janelle to resist, especially when the lawman rescues her from one predicament after another.

Aaron Jackson isn’t sure what to think of the addle-headed woman who suddenly falls into his lap. She doesn’t dress or act or speak like any other woman of his acquaintance, and when riled, she can cuss a streak as blue as any cowpoke on the family ranch. At first, the marshal is convinced that her wild stories are the result of the blow to her head, but soon enough, she provides proof that she really is from another time. Janelle needs someone to keep her safe while she heals from her injuries. Aaron takes her in, dutifully enduring their endless clashes by laying down the law. Still, the vulnerable young beauty burrows deep under his skin. Will his firm discipline chase her away before he gets a chance to lay claim to her heart?

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