🔥 P.S. I HATE YOU by Jane Anthony is LIVE 🔥

He’s a bad boy with a chip on his shoulder.

She’s a good girl with nothing left to lose.

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Brutal bully. Hotter than hell. MMA God.

Jace Wilder owns Hell’s Bend High and everyone in it. Everyone except me that is. The girls love him, the guys want to be him . . . I just want to stay away from him.

But when the death of my mother forces me into the Wilder home, I become his latest target. Only, I can’t tell if he wants to torment me or take me to bed.

He may think I’m easy prey, a poor little rich girl down on her luck, but looks can be deceiving. I can give as good as I get, and Jace Wilder will never see me coming.

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