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Adopt a magic kitten familiar today! Cost: your Soul…

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A black kitten demon familiar leaped out of my present. He had large emerald eyes and was devilishly handsome. In fact, he looked identical to me.

“Happy Witchmas!” My twin said. 

When my twin rubbed against my witch’s ankles, getting his hairs all over her ankles, I knew that it was war. 

I dived at my brother and herded him away from my witch. “I love my witch. I’ve licked her, and she’s mine. Are you here to curse Yule?”



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Welcome to Oxford’s Magic Kitten Shelter for Familiars!

My name’s Astra, and I’m a witch. Who knew that having a merry Witchmas in Witch Hollow would be so dangerous? All I want under my tree is my hot next-door-neighbor, Sheriff, and dragon Shifter, Earl Sin. Instead, I’m shocked to discover a rejected familiar: my own demon familiar’s twin, Beelzebub.

Satan, my devilish kitten familiar, is keeping secrets. But when isn’t he?

When cursed gifts endanger Satan and the rest of Witch Hollow, Sin and I must work together to solve the magical mystery in time. Plus, stop our own warring families from wrecking our first Yule dinner together.

Should I adopt Satan’s adorable but wicked twin? And can I save Witchmas?

Grab A FAMILIAR YULE and decide which familiar you’ll adopt today!

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