The Perished Riders MC

Book 4

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It started as a favour. I needed him to pretend to be my boyfriend for a few family dates. Despite having worked the bar at The Perished Riders MC for a couple of years, I’d hardly ever spoken with Ghost, so he was less than pleased when the club’s President forced him into helping me.

But he shows up for me, something I’m not used to when it comes to relying on men. All my past mistakes involve let-downs or cheating liars, but it seems like Ghost is far from my usual type.

He calls me out on my bull, and he builds me up when I’m feeling less than. Sometimes, I have to pinch myself to believe he’s real and interested in me.

I want to believe he’s my forever, but I’m Nelly and ‘mistake’ is my middle name.


‘Biker’ and ‘trustworthy’ don’t go in the same sentence, but that’s what I am. You treat me good, and I’ll look after you. So, when my president asks me to help our barmaid out, I reluctantly agree. I don’t know much about Nelly, but it soon becomes apparent she has low self-esteem and falls for the wrong type easily. Take her ex, for example—he’s a married liar and yet she still lets him into her bed whenever he clicks his damn slimy fingers.

Spending so much time with Nelly gets me thinking maybe she could be my happy ever after, my ol’ lady. I want to settle down like the rest of my brothers, and Nelly’s got just what I need with her gorgeous curves and a vulnerable side that calls to me. She needs protecting, and I need comforting.

Our relationship moves fast, almost too fast, because when she messes everything up, I don’t even see it coming.

She once told me ‘mistake’ was her middle name . . . I should have believed her.

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