A FAMILIAR SPELL by Rosemary A Johns

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“I really need to kiss you right now.” The Sheriff’s eyes were molten silver. “This spell could break us.”

Dragon shifters were possessive.

“Like this?” I pressed our lips together. Everybody should have their own dragon shifter Sheriff. “We’ll solve this case.”

My kitten familiar cleared his throat. “Look, this is no time to be cleaning ourselves.” When I peeked at my familiar, he was washing his tail with long, concentrated licks. “What? Fur maintenance is a serious business. Tail licks don’t count.

“And neither do witch kisses.” The Sheriff smirked. “I always make time for those.”



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Welcome to Oxford’s Magic Kitten Shelter for Familiars!

My name’s Astra, and I’m a witch. I’d do anything for a stress-free evening to organize my wedding to the hot dragon shifter Sheriff, Sin. Except, my vampire wedding planner is murdered in mysterious circumstances. Now I have to investigate a crime, rather than wedding dresses.

But then, that’s what happens when you’re the Deputy in Witch Hollow, the most paranormal village in England. Does my devilish kitten, Satan, know the truth? What’s he plotting with my new rabbit familiar?

When the Traveling Magic Carnival comes to town, it brings with it danger, excitement, and a deadly spell that weaves through Witch Hollow. Yet it also brings the best hope yet that I’ll be able to save my dad.

Will I even get to celebrate my big day?

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