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For the longest time the plight of shifters was nothing more than a curiosity for FBI lab geek Dax Wells, and getting involved never seemed like a good idea. But when his friend Ewan asks him to use his access and connections to investigate a bombing related to the shifters’ rights movement, Dax doesn’t hesitate, and the decision changes his opinion, and his life, forever.

Diving deep into the evidence leads the handsome analyst to proof of a conspiracy against shifters. Now in over his head with both the cause and a very sexy shifter named Hannah, Dax can’t back down. Senator Hartwell, the only political ally the shifters have, is sponsoring a bill to give shifters sovereignty, but Dax and Hannah must find enough evidence to help the senator gain a majority vote in favor of freeing shifters once and for all.

The dark, deep connections of the anti-shifter faction have no intention of letting the bill pass. Will they kill it, along with Dax and Hannah, before this unlikely couple can find the proof they need to keep their love and the possibility of shifter freedom alive?

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