Title: All I Need Is You 

Series: After I Do #9 

Author: Pippa Lux 

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

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“You wanna leave me, Evie? You know that’s not gonna happen, don’t you?”

My wife’s keeping secrets. Pulling away from me. Shying away from my touch.
As much as it tears me up, I give her time. Space. Believing she’ll open up when she’s ready. After all, I owe her that much after bulldozing her to the altar.

Now, I find out she’s contemplating divorce. 
Divorce? Yeah, not happening. Not in this lifetime. Or the next. Especially when I find out why.

Evie believes she’s not enough. That’s she not whole. My wife is everything and more. All I’ll ever need. And I’ll do 
anything to make her see that, because there doesn’t exist a reality in which I’ll ever let her go.

All I Need Is Youis a sweet, steamy older man, younger woman romance featuring an obsessed husband hell-bent on keeping his wife. If that’s your kinda read, you’re bound to enjoy this. So grab your drink of choice, make yourself comfortable, and dive in.
Xoxo, Pippa

This coming February, you’re officially invited to attend a month-long celebration of love! Twenty-eight of your favorite short, steamy romance authors have teamed up to bring you stories that will make you swoon, laugh, and set your e-readers on fire! Whether they’ve stumbled into love, fallen for their worst enemy, corralled their bestie, or are fighting to rekindle a lost love… Tag along and find out what happens 
“After I Do.”

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The Series

I’m a full-time writer who pens sticky-sweet romance stories that deliver the heat ;). I’m a sucker for Alpha males, so you can bet your tush they’ll feature in my books. There’s just something about a man who knows what he wants and goes after it. Throw in some uber-possessive vibes, with a hint of obsession, and I’m hooked.

My favorite romance sub-genres are contemporary, paranormal, and sci-fi/futuristic. As long as the story speaks to me, I will write it. Expect cocky businessmen, growly shifters, curious aliens, and more!

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