Title: Happenstance

Series: After I Do #10

Author: Matilda Martel 

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

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Everything happens for a reason. My mother taught me that.

No one is here by chance, and when your path collides with the right person at the right time, you know it.

I wasn’t supposed to be in Vegas, but my buddy needed me.

I shouldn’t have been at that hotel bar, but a gnawing feeling led me to it.

One look at Willow Munro, and I knew I’d found the one girl meant for me.

Explosive chemistry and instant love lead us to the altar.

But when the dust settles, my girl has doubts.

She didn’t grow up believing in love. She doesn’t trust anything this good lasts forever.

But I believe enough for the both of us.

We didn’t meet by chance.

It wasn’t happenstance. It was fate.

I was always meant to find my Willow.

And we were always meant to fall in love.

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 “After I Do.”



Matilda is a Texas girl in love with a Philly boy who loves to write dirty books about two people who trip into love and fumble their way into a Filthy, Funny, Happily Ever After.

I live in Austin, with my husband, two crazy Chihuahuas and an even crazier cat. And I spend most of my day writing dirty romance books about older men who fall in love with younger women and make fools of themselves trying to win their hearts.

If you love Dark Romance, you’ve come to the wrong place. I don’t like dark heroes.

I like my hero to be successful, sweet, suave, sophisticated and kind— and then I want him to lose all his composure and game when he meets the heroine. I want him to turn into a bumbling idiot when he spots the girl of his dreams and revert to a teenage boy in a man’s body trying to win her.

I like my heroines to be witty, intelligent, and unshakeable—who could do just as well without a man—until the hero convinces her otherwise.

I write A LOT OF AGE GAP–because I LOVE AGE GAP ROMANCE. I’ve got no other excuse for it.

No matter what kind of story it is, my ladies are ADORED, and my endings are always Happily EVER AFTER, not HFN.


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