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The Disciples: A Dark Romance Collection

First he kidnaps her and holds her captive. Then comes love and a baby carriage…

Rich, powerful, and untouchable, Lucifer and his merry band of killers rule the streets of Garden City, their sheer strength and brutality unmatched.

Possessive and obsessive, they take the women they want, knowing no one will stop them.

Stealing them from the very bed they share with their husband…

Or grabbing them as they walk down the aisle towards another man.

No deed is too dark or twisted to ensure they completely own the women that fall unwillingly into their hands.

In this life, and into the next…

“I’ll never let you go. Never. They’ll have to pry you from my cold, dead hands.”

The first five books available for the first time in one collection, these ruthless men will leave you breathless, and questioning what you would do if you were suddenly taken.

Would you hold on to your morals and everything you’ve ever believed in?

Or, like Lily, would you accept your new fate and give in?

“This book is all kinds of wrong – but that is what makes it a fun read in a very dark way” – Amazon reviewer, Keeping Lily.

“Please please please write hundreds…no, no, thousands of these! You’ve made me obsessed now!” – Amazon reviewer, Stealing Amy.

“If you want to run away for a couple of hours to a place that’s dangerous and exciting then BUYING BETH is it and Garden City is the place.” – Amazon reviewer, Buying Beth.

Includes: Keeping Lily, Stealing Amy, Buying Beth, Breaking Meredith, and Taking Meghan.

Plus five never before published short stories.
Before God Himself – Lucifer
Ho, Ho, Ho – Andrew
Run Lily – Lily
Promise – Abigail
The Bad Man – James

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