Dad Bods made a big impression in 2021 – and they’re not going anywhere! This January, some of your favorite contemporary romance authors are bringing you a sexy selection of brawny, hot Dad Bods and the women who love their men with a little something extra to hold on to. These men may be built for comfort but don’t be fooled – they will stop at nothing to protect the women who’ve claimed their hearts

Title: Paws up for the Dad Bod Series: Dad Bod – Men Built For Comfort #9Author: Elsie James 


I always thought I’d be a mom, it would’ve been a natural fit for me. So when I found out that I can’t have children, I was shocked. When my husband left me because of it, I was devastated. It’s been five years since then and I’ve worked hard to start a new life. I went back to school and landed my dream job as a veterinarian. The animals are my babies now.
But when volunteering at our local library puts me in contact with a smoking hot dad bod, everything goes paws up. Thomas is sexy, charming, and I want to write a new chapter with him.
But can I convince him that love lasts forever?

When I lost my wife, I lost everything… Except for my little girl, Tilly. Being a single dad isn’t something I ever planned on, but I’m making it work. Moving back to my small hometown to take a job at the local library seems like a good place to start.
But when a veterinarian volunteers at our event, she reads me like a book.
Suri is curvy, smart, and she leaves my tail wagging.
But can I convince her that she is enough?PURCHASE
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Title: Dr Dad Bod Series: Dad Bod – Men Built For Comfort #10Author: Poppy Parkes


This single mom on the run seeks out the renowned doctor to help her sick baby. But will she be the one that heals him?

When pediatric cardiologist Dr. Carter Pierce loses one of his patients, it shakes him — badly. Haunted by ghosts of his failure on every city corner, he flees to small-town Montana, changing his speciality to general medicine.

It’s safer that way.
For his patients, and for his wounded heart.
He vows to never treat a pediatric patient again.

Then desperate single mom Quinn Casey walks into his clinic with a sick child. She’s on the run from her abusive ex and has got no money, no insurance, and no one left to turn to.

But she’s heard of Carter’s reputation.
She knows that he can help her baby girl.
He’s terrified he’ll fail her and her little one.

Things get complicated when Carter begins to fall for the single mother. But he finds himself wondering if it’s the kind of complication he needs — the heart-healing kind.

And all the while, Quinn’s ex is getting closer, threatening to ruin everything…

Doctor Dad Bod is a steamy, over-the-top, love-at-first-sight, standalone small town romance set in the world of The Mountain Men of Heartwood. Come for the irresistible doctor with a dad bod and a heart of gold, stay for the unexpected chemistry he finds with the stubborn single mother of one of his patients. All the happy feels guaranteed!

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Title: Dad Bod Wingman Series: Dad Bod – Men Built For Comfort #11Author: Karla Doyle


When a buddy hits on the woman Jensen has secretly loved since childhood, his days of being “the wingman” are over.

A small town, friends to lovers, instalove romanceJensen
I’ve always been the wingman. The great buddy. The teddy-bear guy women lean on.

In elementary school, I was the kid passing notes between infatuated classmates. In high school, I was the guy telling a pretty girl that somebody liked her. In college, I was the icebreaker, initiating casual conversation with women in the bar, so that my buddies could ultimately take them home.

Tonight’s no different, even though it’s my birthday. I’m still the guy enlisted to lay the groundwork so my friend can get laid.
Only tonight is different. Because tonight, we’re in my hometown. In my bar. And tonight, the woman I’ve been asked to warm up is Bailey Burrows. That’s not happening.

Yeah, I owe my buddy. The guy invested in my business when the bank laughed in my face. But I’m still not helping him hook up with the girl I’ve crushed on my entire life. If anybody’s taking Bailey home, it’s going to be me.

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Title: Sweet for the Dad BodSeries: Dad Bod – Men Built For Comfort #12Kylie Marcus


Baking is my passion. It’s how I express myself. I’m a sucker for anything fluffy, creamy, and delicious, and that goes for my men too.

Our local firefighters put on a charity date auction every year to raise money for the town. As the local baker, they always hire me to do the dessert table even though they bring their own eye candy.

So, when I show up to do my job, I don’t expect to loosen my purse strings and place the winning bid on the crème de la crème: Gavin Lewis.

I can’t help it.

He looks like he’d rather be anywhere but there, so I feel compelled to save him. Did I already say I’m a sucker for anything fluffy and delicious?

Well, Gavin hits the spot.

But he’s recently been kneaded by an ex and not looking for anything but my cookies. I’m preheated and ready to melt for him, but can I settle for just a taste?

Definition of a Dad Bod – a guy who doesn’t have a lean, shredded physique


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Title: Dad Bod PhotoshootSeries: Dad Bod – Men Built For Comfort #13Author: Kameron Claire


He’s back in town and ready to restart his life complete with a new job and new house.
She’s a photographer and interior designer with a secret: he’s her first crush, her first infatuation, her first fantasy, and he’s still everything she wants.
Sparks fly when they meet on the set of a body positivity photoshoot, one he’s been suckered into modeling for. When she agrees to decorate his new house, will his home renovation include her in his bed?
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Title: Dad Bod At The RanchSeries: Dad Bod – Men Built For Comfort #14Author: Scarlett Woods


Dad Bod at the Ranch is a sweet & steamy older man younger woman short story with a curvy cowgirl, a strong alpha hero. She’s a sassy cowgirl who came back to her small town to care for her gramps. He’s a rich older man seeking a family of his own. Will the perfect horse help the love connection between these two, or is the age gap just too much to avoid?


After years of living in a small town, I finally left to pursue life as an artist in the big city. I love every minute of my work and never once looked back. But after gram-gram passed, I’m all my gramps has, so moving back to my hometown was an easy decision.

Luckily, I know people who help me get a job on the big ranch while I’m here.

But when an older man pays a visit to the ranch, I want to ride his noble steed.

Chuck is smoldering, sophisticated, and his Dad Bod gives me more to love.

But will our large age gap keep us from falling in love?


Years of investments after a nasty divorce have paid off for me. I’ll have financial freedom for the rest of my life and can shower my one and only nephew with anything he wants. But somedays I wish I had a family of my own.

This year my nephew wants a horse, and thankfully, I know the perfect place to get one.

When a free-spirited cowgirl gets me exactly what I need, she paints us together.

Shirley is younger, breath-taking, and I want to show her how it’s done.

But can I prove to her that age is just a number when it comes to love?


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