இ☠️ Desert Heat ☠️இ

Series: Royal Bastards MC

🔥 Santa Fe, NM Chapter 🔥 

Author: Jax Hart

Cover Designer: Gray Creation

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Our MC used to be fierce. We were legends. Now that our Prez got himself an old lady he’s more interested in babies and bottles. Our enemies have noticed. What started as a few missing items in a shipment has escalated into the OUTLAW MC encroaching into our turf. They want to snuff us out, take our territory. I’m not letting our crew go down without a fight. I’m hunting down the Outlaw Princess. The girl will be my pawn to play with. If and when I decide to let her go, it’ll be on my terms.

He’s the enemy. He climbed up the ranks earning the enforcer patch faster than anyone I’ve ever heard. My father’s the Prez of the Outlaws, determined to run the Royal B’s out of Santa Fe. He sent me away for safety to a small private college in Maine. But somehow the Desert Heat followed. He takes me as a pawn in this game. Fine. I won’t go down without a fight. He thinks I’m a pawn in this MC war… so be it. I’ll take his heart as collateral.

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