A FAMILIAR BREW by Rosemary A Johns

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Adopt a magic kitten familiar today! Cost: your Soul…

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The dragon shifter, Sin’s, lips curled into a smile. “Happy Birthday, Astra.” His magic stroked my cheek, and I shivered. “By my wings, you’re shaking.”

“Birthday nerves.”

“Normally people would say excitement.”

“Not all people are witches,” I replied, darkly.

Sin puffed out his chest. “Have I overwhelmed you with my feast? Blast it, I knew that my dragony instincts would get the better of me.”

I smiled, kissing the tip of his nose; his sinfully (and criminally unfair) long, black eyelashes fluttered.

“Your feast is impressive,” I reassured (because blueblood dragons have a praise kink). “But bubbling cauldrons, you’d have nerves too, if you’d already survived an adorable but wicked kitten familiar, an earthquake, and a chicken attack tonight, only narrowly being saved from…perhaps, you’re not yet ready for that part of the story.”

Sin’s eyes turned molten silver. “I’m the Sheriff, and you’re the woman I love, why was I here blowing up balloons, while you were being…chickened? I need to know. Don’t keep secrets. What happened?”

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Welcome to Oxford’s Magic Kitten Shelter for Familiars!

My name’s Astra, and I’m a witch who turns thirty today. I’m desperate to celebrate my party without war breaking out between my devilish kitten familiar, Satan, and his archenemy, a fluffy chick familiar. Especially, when the feast’s hosted at Silver Hall by my hot next-door-neighbour, Sheriff, and dragon shifter, Earl Sin.

But I’m not holding my breath.

When the Mayor of Witch Hollow, along with my unicorn familiar, are kidnapped, Sin and I must work together to save them in time. Plus, will Satan’s birthday brew for the party land him in trouble?  

Will I ever get a slice of my enchanted birthday cake?

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