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What happens when two men lose the love of their life?

I thought I found where I belonged with my husband and wife. Everything was perfect until we lost her on the same day our son came into this world. Together, we tried to stay strong and focused on bringing her dream to life, but maybe it’s finally time for us to follow our own dreams. 
Can I convince my husband it’s time? Does moving on mean that I’m betraying the one woman we both loved so much?

She was our everything, and I’ve spent each day living as though she’s going to walk back into our lives. Our son needs us, but without his mother here – we’re lost. Davenport is convinced that we can find what we had before but what if he’s wrong? 
Is it possible to find the same kind of connection with someone new?

It feels like fate landed me here between two men who seem to speak right to my heart. They’re trying to heal their brokenness, and I’ve got my own anxieties to work through. 
Can I let go and give in to a connection with these two men that’s so innate that It’s hard to pull away from?




“I don’t know what this is between us, but I was encouraged today by my bossy therapist.” She stops for a second, speaking to Ollie. “You totally could have been a therapist.” It rewards her with a little laugh, but we’re both so surprised by her own actions, we’re quieter than normal. 
“Anyway, he suggested I take away some barriers. You’ve been supportive of the lines I’ve drawn in the sand. I wanted to let you know that if the occasion occurs, you can reach out, take the initiative if you’d like.”

I’m speechless, which hardly ever happens.
 “And by the way, there are so many different innuendos that go along with the word touching. I was trying to come up with a way to phrase it, and when I did, it sounded as if I was asking you to seduce me.”

“Is that off the table then?” I ask and she makes it too easy to bring a blush to her face.

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