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Shift: A Werewolf Shifter Romance (Southern Werewolves Book 1)

by USA Today Best Selling Author Heather MacKinnon

#Free from October 27 to 31, 2021

Would you give up everything for love?

Hard working criminal lawyer Elizabeth Montgomery is finally taking a vacation, a solo trip to the mountains of North Carolina to a cozy little cabin in the woods. Unfortunately, she doesn’t even get to spend one night there. When she takes an early evening hike, she ends up on the wrong side of a vicious animal attack.

Or so she thought.

When she’s found and rescued by sexy stranger, Abraham, she soon finds out it was a werewolf that attacked her. And that she’s the newest member of Abraham’s pack.

Now Elizabeth must navigate the changes that come along with becoming a werewolf while also learning to fit into this tight knit pack. For an only child who rarely speaks with her own parents, getting close to Abraham and his family might just be scarier than becoming a werewolf.

This book contains language and sexual themes that are intended for audiences 18 and older.

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