இ☠️ Worth The Pain ☠️இ

Series: Royal Bastards MC

🔥 Birmingham, AL Chapter🔥

Author: J.L. Leslie

Cover Designer: Lou Gray with Gray Creations

Photographer: Michelle Lancaster with Lanefotog

Model: Jaxon Human

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🔥 Blurb


I let him break me. Shatter my heart into a million pieces. And I took the coward’s way out. Only the drugs didn’t help. Didn’t make me forget him. I still remember every thing about him. The way his piercing blue eyes looked right through me. The way his perfect lips danced over my skin. 

The way he rejected me so cruelly. 

And now I can’t escape him. Couldn’t pretend he doesn’t exist even if I tried. Because every single day I wake up to a beautiful reminder of the devastating pain he caused. 


My club thinks I’m losing my mind. My sister prays the old me will return. And my best friend…well…I’ve cut ties with him. 

I’m on a path of self-destruction and I have no intention of changing direction. Not until I find out the truth. Not until I find the missing girls. 

I thought she was one of them. Thought she’d been taken. But she was simply hiding away from me. 

I don’t blame her. I was cruel to her. Caused her undeniable pain.

But she’s hiding more than herself. She’s hiding a kid. A kid who has piercing blue eyes exactly like mine. 

And after everything I’ve put her through, I need to prove that I’m worth the pain.

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