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Enforcer by Brynn Paulin & Kyra Nyx
Kuznetsov Bratva

Available on #KindleUnlimited
Link – mybook.to/EnforcerBrynnPaulin

I don’t require a lot: Pay up, Follow the rules, Keep your mouth shut. Do this and we’re golden. Don’t and you’ll find out why I’m the top enforcer of the Kuznetsov Bratva.

We’ve got no problems until I have a big problem: Katiya Baranov, the daughter of our enemy. The daughter of someone who did not shut up and pay up. Someone in the Baranov family has a big mouth. Now, she belongs to the Kuznetsov, who’ve “given” her to me as insurance. What will I do with this unwilling wife, especially when her family comes gunning for me? What will I do with her since I’m sure she’d rather cut my throat than submit to this marriage?

For both our sakes, I’d better ensure that we’re seeing eye to eye and heart to heart soon because when the enemy comes calling the family motto comes to bear: Nobody But Us. Katiya must be one of us or die, taking my future with her.

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