Knight Time Kiss by Brynn Paulin

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For months, Emma dreamed of Cyr. The dashing knight invaded her sleep, aroused her senses and made her believe in love. But whenever he bent to kiss her, she woke up.

Until the day, she wakes up in the middle ages and finds it’s no dream at all. And she’s appeared in the middle of a marketplace full of people who immediately think she’s a witch. Terrified she runs, knowing her life is in danger—if you die in a dream, you’re dead, right? Minutes later, she lands in the mud, right at the feet of her knight. They’ve spent dream after dream together, yet he doesn’t know her at all. Even so, he claims her as his wife and places her firmly under his protection.

Fresh from the continent, Cyr has no interest in being a husband and little interest in being a protector, either. He plans to dispatch Emma to the care of an out-of-the-way abbey at his first chance. She has a better idea. He can just kiss her and send her home.

Their lips meet…


It seems Emma needs to find another way home—even if it means leaving behind the knight who’s stolen her heart and now seems intent on keeping it.

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