Title: Forever His Family
Series: Higgins Security #4
Author: Ember Davis
Genre: Contemporary Romance


I’m finally free of pain, torment and a future which was never going to be safe for me or my baby, but I’m not sure what life without my ex-husband will look like. I can’t help but worry. Getting away from him and divorcing him was easy. Too easy. Does this mean he has something planned for me? Am I only safe as long as I’m pregnant?

Going out to a bar to celebrate your divorce while pregnant doesn’t seem like a good idea, but I can’t deny my two besties who stood by me even when I pushed them away.

It turns out to be the best thing I’ve ever done. For the first time in a long time, I am in the right place at the right time. Meeting Duncan feels like it was meant to be. He says he’ll protect me. He says he wants my baby to be his as well. He holds me and doesn’t let me go but it doesn’t make me feel fear, only contentment.

I can’t help but keep looking over my shoulder. How long can this last? When will my past crash into my future and prove a happily ever after isn’t meant for broken people?

If I’ve learned one thing watching my brothers in Higgins Security find the women meant for them it’s that we attract women who need our help. It’s a damn good thing I have no problem using the skills I gained as a Ranger, well tested and honed, to keep those I love safe. I won’t be making the same mistakes my brothers did, even it makes me obsessive and possessive to a level even the other men in the family can’t touch.

I was starting to lose hope, no matter how much it hurts to admit. I wasn’t expecting to find my future at a bar celebrating her divorce. I wasn’t expecting to find her pregnant with another man’s baby. I know blood doesn’t make a family and Savannah’s baby is mine the same way she is.

I will keep her safe, no matter what. I will be at her side through the last trimester of the pregnancy. I can’t wait to hold her, our, baby in my arms. I’ll prove to her she can trust me and then get her to give in to what I know she wants: me. Soon she’ll be in my bed and in my house; she’s already in my heart.

If her ex-husband tries to shatter our happiness, he will quickly learn the error of his ways. Even if he doesn’t pose a threat to us, Savannah and I have our own demons to fight, our own pasts to overcome, but we can do it together because she’s mine and I’ll always take care of her.

**18+. If you like alpha heroes and an insta-love story that is sweet but isn’t necessarily simple, then this is for you. No cheating with a guaranteed HEA. It is a standalone and the fourth in the Higgins Security series, but it would be more enjoyable if you’re caught up with this Denver family.
Warning: This story may contain casual cannabis use, but not to worry, they live in a legalized state and are responsible members of society.**




Ember Davis loves alpha heroes with a range of emotions, but a strong sense of how to take care of their women.  She loves her heroines from all walks of life, just like her heroes, and she wants them to be real and relatable.  Her heroines tend to be sassy, opinionated and smart.

Ember is a stay at home mom of two who recently refound her love of books and all things romance and is so glad that she did.  She’s always been creative but writing and creating stories that she would love to read that satisfies the dreams she had as a little girl.  She loves butterflies, the color purple and enjoying time with her family. 

Pssst…it’s totally a pen name, but everything above is 100% true.


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