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Title: Married to the Marquess 
Author: Anya Cade 

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Finding a rake was the plan, avoiding the attentions of a very suitable
marquess is the problem…

Elizabeth and her friend, Caro, had it all planned out. Find a rake, get married,
and live their own lives when said rake got bored. But when the plan falls
apart, Elizabeth finds herself pursued by the dour and very staid Marquess of
Gillingham. He’s older and eminently suitable, not to mention utterly boring…
Until she realizes that he‘s a member of the infamous Everly Club, and
more… The stoic and respectable Marquess often frequents the Green
Rooms, where all manner of tastes are catered for.
She’s about to find out this marquess doesn’t take no for an answer, and he’s
definitely not as boring as she thought…
finding a wife isn’t the problem. finding an equal is… 
Adam Blackmore, Marquess of Gillingham, knows his time is running out. He
needs to find a wife and sire an heir. Soon. So far the simpering debutantes
on offer have left him bored to tears. Until he meets Elizabeth again. The
daughter of his long-time friend, she’s beautiful and perfectly suitable. But
dare he hope she might be receptive to not just being his wife, but a partner in
every aspect of his life?
When a teasing game takes things too far, has the trust between them
been totally broken? Or can an olive branch, and a trip to the Green
Rooms, set them back on track for their happily ever after?

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