BULLETPROOF, a brand-new, standalone romantic suspense novel from Xavier Neal Author is coming July 22nd! 

Preorder Today!! https://amzn.to/2SUGZ7O


The assignment is simple. 

Don’t let the client die. 

Don’t let her get kidnapped. 

Don’t sleep with her. 

It’s the last part that unexpectedly complicates things for me after I’m introduced to the most beautiful and brilliant woman I could’ve ever envisioned. 

And it only gets worse when we have to stash ourselves away in a small town where our calculated cover is to be a recently engaged couple. 

My new mission is now significantly harder. 

Don’t let her hate what’s for dinner. 

Don’t let anyone else make her laugh more than I do. 

And, most importantly, don’t let myself actually fall for someone again. 

After all, my job isn’t to love my boss’s sister. 

It’s to stop an unidentified threat from taking her – or die trying.

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