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Bad Date

Blind dates were the absolute worst.

Awkward, filled to the brim with small talk, and they never, ever worked out. Kay knew all that. Yet for some reason, she still had agreed to let Heather set her up.

Okay, because it was Kay had serious pushover tendencies.

But when the date came, Kay found herself alone at a table for almost an hour before she called it quits. She’d been stood up. Yup, that was just perfect.

Her night was shot, she was behind on her word count, but then . . . she quite literally ran into tall, dark, and handsome outside the restaurant. One look at him and Kay thought that perhaps her night might be salvaged after all.

Until she discovered tall, dark, and handsome was a jerk. Until she discovered that jerk was her missing blind date—her rude and insufferable date who blew right by her as if she didn’t exist.

What. The. Hell?

Bad Text

It came in the middle of the night.

Totally her fault, as she should have had her phone on Do Not Disturb. But she hadn’t, and that buzz-buzz had woken her. Then she’d seen the picture and . . . wow. She couldn’t let that pass her by. She’d just had to respond and then had stayed up texting back and forth with the man who’d had the great abs and the spectacular di—

Cough. Sense of humor. She meant the spectacular sense of humor.

But as the sun had risen and as she’d had to force her bleary self out of bed, she’d set the text chain aside and gotten on with her day.

Until she’d walked out of her apartment, turned toward the elevator, and saw . . .


Bad Marriage

Abby and Jordan were blissfully married.

Or supposed to be anyway.

But three kids, copious poopy diapers, and minimal sleep meant that she and Jordan were well past the honeymoon stage.

And she didn’t know how to get that bliss back.

Luckily, Jordan had a plan.

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