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Hybrid (Hybrid #1)By: @amandakmannauthor and @cathlenekilpatrickauthor
A young Fae’s realm is overrun by Demons and the only chance she has at survival is to flee the only home she has ever known.

Stranded in an unfamiliar realm, Alexa finds herself surrounded by humans who do not understand her or what she is. And yet, she needs their help.

In order to save her people from complete annihilation, Alexa must find her way back to the Ember Region with, or without, reinforcements. But she can’t do it alone. Despite her own reservations, she confides in the people that do not trust her in hopes that they would at least aid her in her journey back home.

Alexa is forced to rely on her own instincts rather than what she had been taught as the very fabric of her beliefs are tested in this new realm.

Can the Princess of the Fae really trust these new strangers to help her? Or will her struggle be over before it even begins, and her people doomed to be wiped from existence?

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