Protect the girl…
I’ve spent the last twenty-five years fulfilling the promise I made to my best friend on the eve of his death. They executed him for daring to fall for a human. I can’t imagine what they would do to the child had they known she existed. Which they never will.Half-human and half-vampire, she’s a hybrid of two worlds. Extremely rare, she’s something of myths, and old wives’ tales. I cannot let them destroy her, even if it means losing everything—including my life.

Desperate for a change…
Raised by my Ya-ya, I never quite fit into the world around me. When I learned of an inheritance from the father I never knew, I jumped at the chance to learn something about myself.But soon I find things aren’t what they appear. My body is changing in ways I don’t understand. And the man…Alessandro. I know nothing about him. Except he excites me and terrifies me in the same breath. I should stay away from him. He’s dangerous. But I can’t, it’s as though my body craves him.

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Author Bio:

K.C. Rice- Lives in Kentucky, Enjoys oil painting and sharing her over active imagination with her readers. A self-publisher, she published her very first book, summer 2014- Deadly Passions and it’s sequel, Anguish-Wil’s Story the fall 2014. Her hopes and dreams are to bring her characters alive in the minds of her readers, leaving them anxious for more.

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