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Unexpected Valentine Elizabeth Knox & Kay Marie

Cover Design: Charli Childs

When Mackenzie Montgomery’s boyfriend dumps her two days before Valentine’s Day, she doesn’t know what to do. Luckily, her friends talk her into taking her already paid for romantic weekend getaway in Georgia. If anything, she can have a weekend of pampering and relaxation to help mend her broken heart.
Her weekend was supposed to be time for her to be by herself, to unwind and decompress after her catastrophic breakup.
Although, that isn’t what happened — meeting him wasn’t in the plan.
Weston Callahan is in Georgia for business and business alone. The only place in town where he’s able to get a room is a bed and breakfast full of happy couples celebrating Valentine’s Day. Being surrounded by those evidently in love, constantly gushing over one another only brings him pain and anger. All it does is remind him of last years fiasco, something he’d rather forget. He considered it torture until he met her — afterwards, it became pure serendipity.
One weekend is all they have.
Or at least, that’s what they originally thought. Fate intervenes, bringing these two star-crossed lovers back together to only reveal how their families have a long lived feud. Everything they thought they knew changes in an instant. Now they have to decide if fate will keep them together, or if their families will tear them apart.

Grab it here: https://amzn.to/37jVpBz

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