In the Wrong Year by Amabel Daniels

Only 99 Cents

Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08PDWMVR6/


Have you ever been so wasted you fell back in time?

Crazy, right?

But it happened to me, only it wasn’t a bizarre side effect of a hangover. Nope. An arrogant time-traveling hero thought he was “rescuing” me by sending me back to 2020—the year no one wanted to revisit or experience for the first time.

That was how I ended up in another decade, trapped with a smartass, looking for a source of antimatter a nut-head scientist discovered a century ago.

The only way to get back to my time was to find some of those vials my relatives fought over before I was born. Locating them was one thing. Suffering this sexy, yet annoying man who’d sent me back through time…well, that was infinitely trickier.

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