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The Warming Up to Love authors have teamed up to bring you nine new romances guaranteed to chase away the winter chill. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season filled with joy, love, and hot book boyfriends & get ready to be warmed up to love!

Hugs and KISSES,

The Warming Up to Love Authors

Snowy Kisses by Elisa Leigh

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Justice Wright and his brother Jonah own and run a small resort in the small mountain town of Jolly, Vermont. They’re extremely busy this time of year with all of the holiday festivities they have planned. When one of his employees falls ill, it’s up to Justice to take over running the sleigh rides and he isn’t happy about it. He’s more the behind the scenes kind of guy. One cold Friday night he’s all set up to guide a blind date sleigh ride when the guy calls it off last minute. He’s about to start cleaning up when the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen shows up for her blind date.

Delaney Brewer has been anxious all week about the blind date her friend from work set her up on. She never does things like this, but her friend promised her he was a great guy and that they would totally hit it off. She’s cautiously optimistic when she shows up only to find out her date bailed on the date without telling her. She’s not sure if she should be pissed or thanking the guy since the man standing in front of her is the real-life version of the man of her dreams.

When Justice offers to take her out for a ride anyway, Delaney accepts even if it is just a pity ride.

One night of Sweet Kisses turns into something neither of them could have expected.

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