Shax’s Destined Mate (Hells Gateway MC Book 2) by Liz Knox & Emera Rose

Cover Designer: Daqri Bernardo


She came through the portal and my entire life turned to chaos. But, she’s a succubus so I assume I should’ve expected that. 

We went from one battle to another quicker than I could keep up with. 

First it was chasing her down so we could honor our part of the deal, sending all paranormal beings back to Hell where Lucifer reigns. But, it quickly shifted to something else. Why? Because the circumstances changed. I went from being on board to throwing her back through the portal, to desperate, realizing I couldn’t be apart from this woman.

I had to convince Caym, my alpha and prez, not to send her back. All in all, I needed to convince him to break his deal with Lucifer, in the process possibly starting a war we might never be able to win. But I needed her by my side. 

I thought speaking to Lucifer would be the hardest part, but it wasn’t. 

That would be my darling Morganna and the way she deceived me. 

Regardless, I’ll do whatever I need to protect what’s destined to be mine.

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