Hate on Me (Knights of Retribution Book 1) by Elizabeth Knox 

Cover Designer: Clarise Tan

Photographer: Golden Czermak 

Cover Model: Matthew Hosea

Get It Here: https://amzn.to/3mh686k


What do you do when you loathe someones mere existence? Well, in most cases I handle ’em. Only problem is this isn’t someone I can slam my fist into. Why, you might ask . . . ’cause she’s a woman. 

Her name embodies beauty, tranquility and peace but let me tell you, no way in hell does this bitch do anything but stir up trouble. 

Flora has been with the club for a few months now and I curse the day Mammoth brought her back from Puerto Rico. She’s constantly hating on me, riling me up in every way possible at any opportune moment. 

When she disrespects me in front of the club I lose it. There’s no way I can keep caging the animal within me. It’s the last straw and she knows it. 

I’ll show her she needs to be a good girl, one way or another.

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