Hungry For Wade by Elisa Leigh

Hungry Hearts Series

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Wade Moore is the town’s sheriff. He loves his job, he loves his town, and secretly he loves the town’s baker. Too bad for him she’s not interested in him that way. Instead he’s content to be her one of her best friends getting to eat her treats and be as close to her as he can get.

Chloe Sweets owns Sweets Treats, the only bakery in her little town. She’s happy, sort of. When she isn’t busy baking, running her business, or looking after her cooky best friend, she’s daydreaming about the town’s sheriff. He friend zoned her a couple of years ago and she’s been trying to recover from it ever since. Secretly she pines away from him dreaming about what their life could be if they were together.

A little misunderstanding years ago has two people who couldn’t be more meant to be, alone and miserable. That is until Wade’s cousin shows up in town very interested in the curvy little baker.

Will Wade man up and claim his woman before his cousin does? Will Chloe choose the right Moore?

Hungry for Wade is a short, sweet, happily ever after about two best friends too stubborn for their own good. Find out what happens this Thanksgiving.

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