Their Perfect Bride by Lacey Davis is LIVE!


Two bold cowboys might be able to tame a wild mustang, but a bride?

An unmarried woman in the Montana Territory is a dangerous thing to be, especially one with money to her name. Mattie Byrne finds herself fighting off the unwanted advances of her stepbrother, Frank, keen on having her and her inheritance. Fortunately, she’s rescued by not one, but two, Bridgewater men. Alex and Jessie take one look at the feisty blonde and they know she will be theirs, that they will cherish and protect her. With her mother ill, they vow to the dying woman to keep Mattie safe by putting a ring on her finger. To make her theirs.

But marriage can’t guard her completely. Can Mattie, Alex and Jessie overcome the past and create a future that satisfies them all? Will Mattie become the wife the two men have dreamed of possessing? Or will it all be destroyed by lurking evil?

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About the Author:

Lacey Davis is a pseudonym for a USA Today bestselling author who wanted to try her hand at writing sexy romance. With these novels, I write sizzling romances that will leave you grabbing a fan to cool yourself off.

If you like hunky bad boy heroes who like to be in charge and strong pretty women who are willing to risk it all, then look no further. These sexy reads will get you in the mood. Come experience strong women who will tame these bad boys and leave them wanting more.

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