TITLE: Doctor Babymaker

Author: Penelope Wylde


There is no cure for lust.

And I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. I’ve craved the sexy dark-haired doctor since I climbed into his bed and found out a dirty little secret the good doctor has been keeping from me.

He wants to sweep me away, possess me in ways no man has before. For that to happen, the man who is nearly twice my age, wants to see me round with his baby.

His confession is truly shocking. Lust isn’t supposed to be forever. 

But now it’s all I can dream about. 

He doesn’t believe me when I say I’m ready for what he wants and so much more. So, he turns me away. For his sanity or mine, I’m not sure.

That was a year ago. I’ve stayed away from the world-renowned surgeon long enough. Screw what everyone else thinks. I’m determined he’ll be the one to take my innocence and claim what’s been his since the day I came down with a bad case of lust.

Author’s naughty note: He’s the brother’s best friend she never could get over and she’s the young, innocent dancer who never could take defeat. You’re right, this is going to be a filthy doctor-patient fantasy, but it’s so much more! As always with a Penelope Wylde book, you’ll get the filthy, naughty bits you crave with the perfect happily ever after you love.


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