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Postcards in the Sand by Brynn Paulin

Series: Sweet Steamy Nights

Coming August 28th

Link: Coming Soon


I think it’s time to move. Don’t get me wrong. I love Sweetville. I love my students and watching them grow and thrive in our small town. But the dating pool… Not so great. The only man who interests me is ten years younger, and I’m completely off his radar. 

So it’s time to weigh my options. I crave my happily ever after, and I always thought it would happen by now. The wedding, the man of my dreams, our family… But it’s not happening in this town.

Even my secret admirer isn’t panning out. Besides, I think it’s my eighty-year-old neighbor trying to cheer me up. So after one lonely night too many, I’m taking matters into my own hands. I have a plan. 

First, I’m heading to a resort before the summer ends. 

Second, I’m going to find someone to make me feel…not quite as lonely. 

And third, I’ll decide if it’s time to move to the city or not.

Sun and sand, here I come.


Oh hell no.

I have a plan of my own.

First, I’m making it clear the notes are from me, with one final postcard to make my intentions clear.

Second, I’m claiming Lexie once and for all,

And third, we’re having our happily ever after even if I have to spent the rest of my life convincing her.

Lexie better watch out. ‘Cause, here I come.

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