⚔️ Feeling His Steel ⚔️


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In 1340, their love was forbidden. 800 years later, not much has changed.

Disgraced and disowned, Sir Alwyn, fled his village and certain death, vowing to make a new life. He’ll never forget his lost lover Tobias nor forget his sexual desires but he will do what he must to survive. Little does he know, fate has destined his future will be far from what he ever imagined.

Adjunct Professor Toby Woods never suspected his study of medieval history would come to life, but he can’t overlook the very medieval knight who appears before him and claims to be his long lost lover. Firmly in the closet and in danger of losing his teaching position if his conservative employer discovers his sexual orientation, he’s horrified by his instant attraction to the warrior from the past. Worse, niggling memories tell him the man might be telling the truth.

Fate has reunited them, but it will take love to bind them together while they face the opposition that hasn’t changed in eight hundred years.

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