Mixing It Up by Sawyer Lee Davis

Releasing July 7th!

Amazon — https://amzn.to/3dNtbBa
Universal — getbook.at/MixingItUp
Will be FREE with Kindle Unlimited  

Bexley Brown is slowly losing her mind.

Working at the local pub in her small town is the highlight of her summer vacation away from college. Mixing drinks, hanging out with her friends, and serving the people she’s known her whole life is the best time she can have. Or it was until Hunter McHale started working there. With his charming smile, gorgeous eyes, and bulging biceps, he’s a distraction she doesn’t want and doesn’t need. But no matter how many times she tries to distance herself, he finds his way back into her field of vision.

If he didn’t make her laugh so easily, she’d be okay. If he wasn’t a lowly freshman, there might be a chance for something more. If she didn’t love spending time with him over everyone else in her life, it would make things less difficult. Oh, and if he wasn’t her best friend’s little brother, maybe she could stop noticing all of the ways he’s no longer the runt crashing their girl’s nights.

In her brain, she knows it could never work but her stupid heart has other ideas.

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