A Fey’s Wolf (Mystic Wolves Book 5) by Elle Boon

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When a wolf catches the scent of his mate, he’ll do anything to claim and protect her, even if that means protecting the little Fey from himself.
USA Today Bestselling Author Elle Boon brings the story of second chance love. Buckle up…it’s gonna be a wild ride.
An Enforcer…Torq’s place among the Mystic Wolves gave him the freedom to search for his mate, but when he finds her, he realizes things aren’t as easy as he’d hoped they’d be. However, years of honing his skills have proven he was more than enough of the man and wolf for the injured Fey..
A Powerful Fey…Talia’s tired of hiding but isn’t quite ready to make that final step as a normal female after years of captivity. Hiding out on the Fey Realm seemed like another form of being caged, however being caught in the sights of a shifter far larger than any man she’d ever seen was more than she’d bargained for.
A Plan Set In Motion…Things don’t always go as planned, but when the Goddess puts two of her people together, she assumes things will end up how they should. However, outside forces realize a powerful Fey are within their grasps and want what they didn’t have…a link to the Fey Realm.
Will the wolf and his Fey have a chance to find their happily ever after, or will they be destroyed before they get the chance?


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