Dixon: Reapers MC #10

By: Elizabeth Knox

Cover By: Clarise Tan, CT Cover Creations


I ain’t ever been set up with a woman in my life, but when Hawk told me about this chick I just had to meet I was nervous as hell. I wasn’t even this nervous when I lost my virginity. Plus, the only dudes who went out on blind dates were those pathetic types. I sure as hell wasn’t one of them.

It didn’t feel right to be going out on a date when danger was coming our way. But the brothers at the club talked me into it. Cobra’s dad made a promise to wreak havoc on our club and we were biding our time until he made the first move.

Every feeling of worry vanished into thin air when she slid her perfectly toned ass across that booth in the diner. It was like my entire world changed. I’ve never been the type who believed in love at first sight. Even to this day I wouldn’t call it that.

Like every man, I had a type. Except Indra was the total opposite of that. She was exactly what I needed.But with her came an ultimatum I never expected. I was forced to choose between my family and her.

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