Hire Me (The Heed Me Novellas Book 1) by Elodie Colt

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She’s his wet dream. Too bad he’s going to marry another…

I’m Samantha Kent–owner of a house that I share with four roomies. Luck hasn’t been on my side lately with a ruined car, a novel that isn’t selling, and no money in my pockets. All in all, the worst timing for Mother Nature to hit West Palm Beach with the storm of the century and destroy my beautiful garden.

Then Matthew shows up. Sex on a stick and a farm boy to boot. The perfect inspiration for my next bestseller. Only he’s off limits because he’s dating my neighbor, of course.

Fine by me. I’ll keep him as my dirty little fantasy. One that quickly becomes my worst nightmare when he barges into my room unannounced and catches me with my hands down my pants.

The way I see it, I’ve got two options. One, I’ll marry the guy—or two, I’ll die of humiliation.

Right now, I think it’s going to be the latter…

If you love sweet romances with sizzling hot scenes, the series starter HIRE ME in The Heed Me Novellas will leave you panting for more!

“Colt connected a key factor of the story to the genre and did it gracefully, not overdoing the erotic so the reader feels ashamed reading it, but also thoroughly enough so the reader can feel a bit of heat crawling up their cheeks themselves.” – Apex Reviews

NOTE: This book contains a love triangle that some readers might find unsettling, but HEA, slow-burn romance, and funny moments guaranteed!

A Contemporary Romance Novella

*Recommended age 18+

*Steamy scenes included

*Written in first person, dual-POV>

*This book is part of a 5-book-series.

Recommended reading order:

  • Hire Me, Book 1
  • Hit Me, Book 2
  • Hunt Me, Book 3
  • Handle Me, Book 4

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