Rise book #2 in the Larussio Legacy by Author Via Mari is now live.

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Giovanni Larussio is the don of the most powerful crime family in Italy. A man who has the ability to sway great forces at work in the world, he and his cousins are known for their ruthlessness in crushing enemies. After finding himself in charge of the largest casino in Vegas, the desire to dominate Serena Moretti threatens to be the catalyst his enemies need to guarantee his downfall.

Serena Moretti’s family has suffered years of hardship and oppression at the hands of the Larussio family. They raised her to believe the Larussios were the enemy, but whenever Giovanni is near, submissive desire courses through her veins. If she continues to succumb to his dominance, will she see the danger it creates before it is too late?

Is the sheer magnitude and muscle of Giovanni’s reach enough to protect her from his enemies? Will her family forgive her perceived betrayal? Can their love endure amidst the chaos and bring the two families together?

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