🐻Cover Reveal 🐻⠀

Title: Remington ⠀
Author: Elisa Leigh⠀
New Hope Shifters Book 3 ⠀
A BBW Romance⠀

Coming Soon⠀

Remington Walker is an ‘act now, ask questions’ later kind of man. He does what he wants with no regard for the consequences.⠀

When Remington scents his mate’s blood, nothing will stop him from getting to her. Faced with a life-altering choice, that even for him is a rash one, he goes through with it, consequences be damned. There’s no turning back and he’s going to face this head-on like he does with everything else life has thrown at him.⠀

Violet Spencer is a daycare director at her wit’s end. Scratch that, WAS a daycare director. Now she’s jobless with no prospects in sight. Heading off to the state park to clear her head, she finds herself in a world of trouble with no one to save her, or so she thinks.⠀

How will two people who act first and think next navigate a new relationship? What will they do when the unthinkable happens? They’ll lean on their pack and hopefully realize that the people they’ve been wary of trusting are the ones who show up for them.⠀

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