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Heartbroken and betrayed on a bathroom floor eighteen-year-old, Kendall Brooks was found by her own personal hero…

Jayson Stone swooped in with his strong arms and made her feel like more than just his best friend’s little sister.

After crushing on Jayson for years Kendall was all too willing to fall into his arms, and his bed. The next morning, he was gone. He left her, without a goodbye and without her virginity. Not even a smack on the butt, or a good job.

Four years later, Kendall is living her best life. She seems to have it all; white picket fence, loving marriage, adorable three-year-old twins, future politician husband….

But Kendall’s perfect world scatters like a tilted box of Legos when Jay shows up on her brother’s doorstep. With his mouthwatering abs and tantalizing eyes popping up around every corner, will Kendall be able to resist him? Or, will she risk everything for one more taste?

Trigger warning

This book contains strong domestic violence and adult content.

WHY NOT GOODBYE is not your average love story. It’s real and heart-wrenching. Not only does Kendall and Jayson have to face their betrayals and secrets, they also have to face scandal, blackmail, and domestic violence. This story follows Kendall as she faces her own truths that she’s avoided for years. Her feelings about abuse and what she has to do to protect herself and her children. This story contains struggles women face every day, while also following a story of lifelong love and second chances.


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