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This Leap day he’s getting the bride one way or another…

Altared: Cupid Ink Book 2 (Taking the Leap 6) by Pixie Chica

Release Date: February 27, 2020

Link: mybook.to/Altared

Will be Available on Kindle Unlimited Upon Release

Rocky – At 6’3 and tattooed, I’m the last person you’d think co-owned the Blushing Bride Boutique. Yet, that’s who I am, a skeptic at all things love, helping brides get their happily ever after. Until I see her, and suddenly forever doesn’t seem so bad, then I realize hers is promised to someone else.

But even that won’t stop me, she’s mine and I may have just found the loophole.

Daisy – A marriage of convenience is the last thing I want, but when push comes to shove, I need money, and fast. Out of options, I accept the marriage contract to a man I haven’t even spoken two words to, let alone seen.

But when I see him at the end of the altar, he is nothing like I imagined, and now I’m hoping for a more permanent arrangement.

This Leap Day, Rocky is going to move heaven and earth to wife the one woman who is meant to be his. No matter at what price. Even if he has to steal the bride and fake an identity until he puts that ring on her finger.

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