🔮Werewolves and Wranglers by Kristen Banet
(Witch of the Wild West: Book 2)

Link: getbook.at/WandW


🐺It’s the sheriff’s job to protect the town.
The town doesn’t intend to make it easy for Adalyn.
In the middle of a range war.
Silver bullets start flying and Adalyn needs to make a mark and establish her authority, or the werewolves will never let her help.
It’s not the only war she finds herself in, either. She’s in the middle of the cross fire between her oldest friends and her new lovers.
Adalyn tries to broker peace in an attempt to stay on task and do her job.
They keep looking at her to declare a winner.
There’s only one problem.
She can’t.
Adalyn won’t be won.
She won’t be fought for and claimed.
And if that means she has to give them all up, she will.

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