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LAW: Indignant Few MC Book 3 by Deja Voss
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Letting him in was dangerous. Letting him in could’ve compromised our career on basically every level. The sex thing, it was easy to play that off as just a primal attraction thing, but that’s because I knew admitting how I actually felt about him was too dangerous. My love for him was easier to stifle, to play off as platonic. Was.
Now that the tables have turned, now that I knew things could get ugly really quickly, I was questioning why I didn’t just get out when I had the chance.

🖤Because there’s still people to save.
🖤Because there’s still work left to be done.
🖤Because you were never good enough for him.
🖤Because he doesn’t need you.

She’s the only piece of my past I can’t put to rest.
The only woman who keeps me up at night.
Tough as nails.
A lone wolf.
A black sheep.
Nobody will ever clip her wings. Lord knows I’ve tried.
Nobody knows what we’ve been through together. Nobody knows what she puts me through just by existing.
When she shows up at the clubhouse on an undercover mission, for the first time in my life, I know I can’t protect her. She never wanted my protection anyway.
My MC is my life now. My loyalty is with my patch, and as the enforcer of the Indignant Few MC, I’ll do whatever it takes to keep my club out of trouble. Even if it means showing her the man I really am.

Law is a full length high steam standalone in the Indignant Few MC series. Subject matter may be sensitive to some readers. No cliffie, guaranteed HEA… you’re just going to have to work for it.

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