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EX SCROOGE ME by Brynn Paulin
Series: I’ll Be Home For Christmas (#1)
RELEASE DATE: 12/20/19

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CA: https://www.amazon.ca/-/fr/Brynn-Paulin-ebook/dp/B081QW9JN4/
AU: https://www.amazon.com.au/Ex-Scrooge-Love-Holiday-Book-ebook/dp/B081QW9JN4/



There! I said it! I love Christmas, but being stuck in a car for days with Scrooge McScroogington is enough to make even the most holiday-prone woman wish for the doldrums of February. Worse, Eli McSpadden gets under my skin by just…breathing! Have I mentioned he’s my ex who broke up with me on Valentine’s eve last year. Yeah, Mr.-Gorgeous-and-I-Know-It is the one who broke my heart. But I’m over him.

And I hate him.


I’m a stupid jerk.

There! I said it. When my company relocated me with no noticed last winter, I did the one thing I thought was best. I broke up with the girl I love. I told her we both needed to set down roots in our separate cities. The thought of her “rooting” with anyone else eats at me, but what could I do? Her life is at her university; mine is wherever I get sent.

It took three seconds for me to realize I made a huge mistake, and now that I’m back in town and we’re both heading home for the holidays, I’m going to make it right and hopefully not end up in a ditch—physically and emotionally—while I’m trying.

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