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KNOX (Hellbound Lovers MC
Author: Crimson Syn

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Knox has sworn to protect Jade since the first day he lays eyes on her. There’s a past that ties them together, yet keeps them apart. But their attraction is undeniably palpable. A moment of weakness may lead to a lifetime of love if they would only give in and take the fall.

I’ve loved Jade ever since I first laid eyes on her.
She’s always been mine.
And now a dangerous evil wants to take her away from me.
He wants to hurt her, cage her free spirit.
Over my dead body will he lay a finger on her.
No one takes what’s mine.
And no one hurts what I love without paying the price.
She’s my life, my love, my everything.
And I’ll be damned if I lose her.

I’ve been captivated by Knox ever since I met him.
He’s the only man who’s ever cared about me enough to protect me.
There’s no way I’d ever turn my back on him, or any of the Hellbound Lovers.
They’re not the traditional family, but they’re mine.
I’ll fight tooth and nail for them.
But I’ve been propositioned by an enemy
And now I face my fate.
Protecting Knox is the only things that matters.
No one will take him away from me.
And no one is going to keep me from the man I love. No one.

The last installment of the Hellbound Lovers – Resisting love has never worked out for any of the members of HLMC and Knox isn’t any different. Get ready to fall in love with this irresistibly protective alpha.

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